How to identify a legitimate Scandibag Liner?
Avoid costly counterfeiting

SCANDIBAG liners can economically transform any container, trailer or rail car into a bulk carrier.

SCANDIBAG eliminates pallets, big bags, bags and other packaging systems. The SCANDIBAG system drastically reduces packaging weight and cost, cargo damage, spillage, pilferage. Scandibag liners allows up to 96% of container volume capacity, which translates into an average of 20% freight discount.

Safer, easier to install and more economic than other bulk systems, SCANDIBAG liners offer a variety of
solutions to better transport your cargo. Multipurpose
and specially designed liners, together with a large
group of accessories.

SCANDIBAG is second to none in reliability and price.
SCANDIBAG liners are the right choice for your bulk needs.


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